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Make a Referral

There are 2 ways in which someone, who needs help getting food, can receive support from the S2 Food bank:


  • They can refer themselves by contacting the S2 Food Bank on 07804 406 267

  • They can ask a professional (e.g. social worker, G.P., headteacher, Citizen's Advice Bureau worker) that is working with them, to refer them.  This referral can be made by completing the paper or on-line referral forms below.

Once referred people receive food parcels for 4 weeks.  After this time, when they agree to work with us on the debts they have, they are entitled to food for another 8 weeks.  At the end of this period they can progress on to the Food Club.

You may refer someone to the Food Bank using the downloaded referral form or the online referral form below.

Online Referral Form for Professionals

Thanks for submitting!

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