How has COVID-19 affected the Food Bank?

From the beginning of the first lockdown we took every precaution to make sure that our clients and volunteers stayed safe.  Our clients collected ready-packed bags and we only had 6 volunteers working at any one time.  In the summer we were able to welcome clients back into the building only to resort to the original plan again when we opened after Christmas. One of our volunteers, Barbara says, "It is so difficult to communicate with clients with a mask on and the fact that they can't see a friendly smiling face can be upsetting."

February 2021

Message from the

Food Bank Coordinator

Susan Rose

Christmas at the Food Bank looked very different this year.  No Father Christmas and his elves, no hot food for people coming in, and very few decorations.  We could only hand out food parcels to people at the door making sure that everyone stayed safe.


BUT....  we were able to provide 215 families with the food needed to cook a traditional Christmas meal (last year it was 96). We also made sure that every child had a really good present. Someone kindly donated 85 hand-knitted warm hats and one family with 4 children went home with one each!  There was also plenty of chocolate to go round! 

February 2021

Food donated in 2020

Final statistics for the year:

Total weight of food in: 93,123kg

Total weight of food out: 89,068kg

Total number of people fed: 11265

Such a large number of people and that is only in the  S2 and S12 areas. Every day people are making difficult choices between paying rent, keeping the heating on or buying food. The COVID -19 pandemic has threatened the safety and financial security of millions of people and it is showing in these statistics.  We couldn't have done all of this without our amazing donors and volunteers. Lets hope 2021 will be a better year for everyone!!

February 2021